• Peter, Tracy and Lucy at landscape arch
    Peter, Tracy and Lucy at landscape arch
  • Peter, Tracy and Lucy hiking to delicate arch - 2010
    Peter, Tracy and Lucy hiking to delicate arch - 2010
  • Lucy getting ready for the gifts - 2010
    Lucy getting ready for the gifts - 2010
  • Delicate Arch, Arches National Park
    Delicate Arch, Arches National Park
  • Lucy and Dad at the salt-flats lookout
    Lucy and Dad at the salt-flats lookout
  • San Rafael Reef I-70 Utah
    San Rafael Reef I-70 Utah

This Just In...

How 1 Year makes 10 Awesome Years!

Peter and Tracy Gallagher, Amsterdam 2004.

Me: Happy 10-year anniversary Tracy: that look that says she does't know what I'm referring too Me: Today is the 10-year anniversary of our trip. Tracy: Today's the 24th? I didn't really think about it. Some days I struggle not to define myself based on October 24th, 2004. That day we drove our little green Civic hatchbatch full of the last few boxes from our apartment in Toronto, to a Swiss Chalet near the airport to meet up with our family. It was one last meal together before we...read»»

Summer 2014? Plan better next year!

I think we all say the same thing, at the same time every year. Where did the summer go? I guess its actually a question, but you still have to say it. This year the weather would make you ask if summer actually happened but none-the-less it did.  I think that summer is what happens while other people are busy cutting grass. It possible that analogy rings true for us since we moved into town and our lawn has shrunk. So what I really mean is that if you didn't create any good memories over...read»»

Two Sides: 2012 Edition

Gallagher Donaldson Kondraki

Every year at Christmas when we get together with our extended family I try to get everyone together for a group photo. Now that the cousins are getting older and more mobile we usually do this when everyone first arrives before the kids are distracted by gifts or getting cranky because they're tired. Here are the two sides from 2012.read»»

The Slide - Bass lake

Levi, Hannah, Ava, Lucy and Kiera on the slide

It seems like its been a long winter and so it felt good to get out on a sunny Sunday afternoon with some great friends at Bass Lake for some snow, exercise and fun. Major props to Mike S. for helping pull the girls in the stroller through the soft snow. Thanks Mike!read»»

Joplin - Day #1

MDS Joplin Headquarters

Another One Bites the Dust!

VTech LS6425-2 Handset with Answering System

We've been living at out current house for just over 5 years and last night's lightning storm fried our 3rd cordless phone base unit. Yes, we did have in plugged in through a small surge protector but it was probably too old and could handle it. So poof there goes the money out of my wallet.  Tomorrow I'm off to Staples to buy the same unit again (its on sale) so we can still use the handsets we already have. read»»

Rock Lake

Lucy playing at the campsite

We spent a weekend at Rock Lake campground in Algonquin Park with four other families. We enjoyed some early morning fishing and late-night evictions but overall it was lots of fun hanging with the gang.read»»

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